iBooking System for Facilities

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If you are a PolyU student, enter student no. and replacement
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Login with your OWN Library Number. Using others' accounts or lending your Library number to others to book or use Library facilities or services is strictly prohibited. Offenders are subject to disciplinary action.

Default PIN*
The default PIN would be the first 6 alphanumeric characters of HKID or passport (or mainland ID) number. For example, for a user with HKID no. A123456(7), the default PIN is A12345. For a user with no HKID card, but with passport number AB12345KK, the default PIN is AB1234. Please change your PIN after first login.

Modify PIN
After entering myRecord, you may change your PIN by clicking "Modify your PIN". For details, please click How to modify your PIN.